SEO For Dentists and Dental Clinics (Local SEO)

SEO and Digital Marketing Services for Dentists

We help growing dentists reach more clients online. We test and customize dental clinic websites and optimize them for improved dental queries and scheduled consultations using a combination of SEO, Pay-per-Click (Google Ads Digital marketing, and Social Media Ad campaigns. We also build decent appealing websites that convert.

What Is Dentist SEO?

SEO — or Search Engine Optimization — is the art of improving the website, making it more likely to rank well in Google’s search engine results and increase traffic and conversions.

SEO is the most profitable digital marketing service available to you. Once the website is well optimized, traffic should continue to be delivered for the time it ranks at the top of Google — unlike paid advertising.

With Pay-per-Click advertising, all you have to do is increase traffic and dental bookings for as long as you pay for the advertisements. This is great for bringing much-needed traffic conversion improvements to your core services — such as dental implants, Invisalign, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. But traffic and conversions will end as soon as you stop paying for the ads.

Dentist SEO can help dental practice increase traffic and customer appointments over the long term. It requires a well-optimized website and the availability of the right content to answer your customers ‘ many questions. Dentist SEO also requires continuous work to promote the business and website locally through local SEO.

Local SEO needs to have enough local signals for Google to find — an indication that your website is the best business website available. To do this, you need customer reviews to demonstrate the quality of your dental and customer service. Directory listings also need to be created so that customers can find your business using the most important directories available — such as Yell and Thomson Local. These listings also enable Google to validate you as a legitimate local business.

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Dentists?

SEO and Local SEO benefits for dentists include long-term traffic, increased customer numbers, and better long-term positive Return-on-Investment (ROI) than other paid advertising options.

We recommend that all businesses use multiple advertising channels to promote their business, usually starting with a combination of SEO, Content Marketing, and PPC. This trio helps to increase traffic immediately, while also laying the groundwork for long-term traffic and conversion.

Prospective customers who are searching for local dentists or cosmetic dentists will always navigate to Google first before any other website. Google’s listings of local dentists are highly trusted, largely due to Google’s positive signal references (reviews being one of the most important). Because of this, it’s crucial that your dental clinic’s website appears in the various types of searches that people undertake to find information about treatments such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, veneers, crowns, and bridges.

What Does Dental SEO Include?

Optimizing the dental clinic’s website requires a long-term strategy for website auditing, website improvement, improvement of local SEO signals (directories, etc.), content creation, and more.

Each element moves the website closer towards the long-term delivery of increased traffic volumes and consistent new customer registrations and repeat customers.

Included in the Dentist SEO Strategy

Website Auditing

Your dedicated SEO specialist will review your website and identify any pages that could be improved in order to increase their ability to rank at the top of Google.

We’re going to focus on removing all errors so that your customers have trouble-free experience and so that Google can easily crawl through your website. We will make improvements to your website headings, internal links, optimize your page loading times for mobile device users — and much more.

Keyword Research

We’re going to analyze the types of queries and ask questions your target customers are asking. We will then ensure that your website contains the best quality content to respond to each of these queries, so that Google ranks your website first in the search results.

We will also use this keyword research to identify any new content that needs to be written for your website — and for any external content used to promote your business.

For Dental Clinics

Local SEO for dentists requires optimizing your Google My Business page and any directory listings that your surgery or clinic already has. It also helps you find new, high-quality directories to submit your business to — and enhance your business reviews.

Increasing the number of reviews your business needs to be a top priority. So make sure you ask all of your customers for a review.

Page Optimisation

Your SEO specialist will optimize all of your most important pages so that they contain all the signals needed to help a page or complete the site rank at the top of Google.

Some of these improvements will be the recommendations on conversion rate optimisation, which will require some development work to be carried out. We’ve got a team of expert site developers at hand if you need them. These improvements will increase the conversion rate for your growing traffic.

Backlink Analysis

We’re going to analyze all the current links to your website. This is an important task, as it will help us to find any backlinks that may be hazardous to the health of your website.

The most dangerous backlinks to the dental website are those that have been purchased rather than sponsored. If your site has received a manual Link Purchase Action Penalty, it may help to remove it.

Directory Auditing

Your SEO specialist will review your current directory listings and ensure they’re all optimised to meet Google’s Local SEO requirements. They will update and correct any inaccurate information, making sure your contact details are identical across all of the most important directory websites.

We will also make sure your dental surgery ranks on the most important directory listing websites. We’ll look for relevant niche directories to submit your business too as well.

Link Building

Links, or backlinks, are still one of the most important parts of Google’s top ranking for keywords. Our SEO and Content Marketing team will work together to find new backlink opportunities that will help promote your business, services and dental expertise.

We base our link on high-quality content that represents your professionalism and expertise. This process will require a sponsored content budget to work with major publishers.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of looking at and optimizing the technical aspects of your dental practice website in order to improve the experience of your visitors. It also considers how easy it is for Google to crawl your website.

We will look at any issues that may prevent good user experience, including making it a priority to improve page loading times.

Content Creation

Your customers will have a lot of questions about your services before they make an enquiry or book an appointment. We will identify the questions they have and create the best informational content possible to support their learning process. Answering customer questions will increase their awareness of the brand of your dental clinic and their level of trust in your expertise and that of your practice.

What’s Involved in Digital Marketing for Dentists?

Digital marketing and SEO for dental practices is one of our specialties. At Exposure Ninja, we’ve dedicated teams to take care of each of your marketing channels. Not sure in which marketing channel to invest? The dedicated Project Manager will oversee your marketing campaign and recommend the best return channels.

Step 1 — Analysing Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy

We will audit your website and existing digital marketing strategy before you make any changes to your website or how you promote your dental clinic online.

We want to understand what is working well to promote your dental business and what isn’t. We’ll look through existing content on your website and see where improvements can be made to make content more viable and ranked at the top of Google. At the same time, we will start looking for further improvements that we can make to your site to enhance the user experience of your prospective customers. This, in turn, will increase your conversion rate — so you’ll earn more leads.

Step 2 — Researching Your Competition

If your competitors outperform your business, we’re going to investigate why this is so. We’re going to audit your competitors and identify what they’re doing well and poorly so that we can turn their failures into opportunities for you.

This audit will also include a review of how your competition links to their website to allow us to consider similar options. At the same time, we will construct a dedicated link-building plan to meet the needs of your dental website.

Step 3 — Drafting a Bespoke Dental SEO Strategy

Once we understand your website and your current ranking potential, we will develop an improvement plan for the months ahead, tailored to your budget.

This plan may include time spent on improving the quality of your website content, so that it meets the needs of your prospective customers and depends on your digital marketing budget. It could also focus on what Google is looking for in the content it ranks for your most important dental enquiry search queries.

Your dedicated SEO specialist will work alongside other campaign teams to identify the best link building strategy to be followed over the next year. They will ensure that your website has the right types of high-quality backlinks to promote your expertise and the high quality of your services.

Step 4 — Optimising Your Website for SEO

Once we have a digital marketing strategy in place for your dental clinic, we would start making changes to your website. These may include changes to the way your site is designed, the quality you have produced so far, and the time it takes to load your site. We will also refine the way connections are used internally through your web, and much more.

We will complete those tasks in a priority order, determined by their significance in enhancing the ranking of your website. Depending on the amount of campaign time allocated by your marketing budget, some activities may take several months to complete. This timeline will allow us to give adequate time to every important part of improving your website, such as improving the content of your website (i.e. copywriting).

Step 5 — Optimising Your Directory Listings for Local SEO

We can help you set up Google My Business in Google’s local search results (also known as the “Local Pack”) and customize it accordingly.

There are a range of directory websites Google uses to check and confirm that a business actually exists, each of which we will help you automate. Google uses the name, address, phone number and website address to validate business information as part of the Local SEO. We will then check any current directory listings that we find to make the contact details clear.

Step 6 — Promoting Your Business

We pair SEO and our content marketing teams together as our digital marketing strategies involve a set of skills and experience. Working together, your dedicated SEO and content marketing experts can support your company by creating new content for distribution on related websites. The best places to support dental digital marketing campaigns are on health and beauty blogs with highly engaged audiences, which are open to the authority of dental practitioners.

Our teams will develop personalized content designed to reflect your expertise and enable you and your practice to improve brand awareness.

Because part of our local SEO criteria, we will also reach out to local publishers to highlight any community work you may do. This will increase the awareness of your clinic or surgery within your local city or city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be working on my campaign?

One of the benefits of working with us is that we have a range of experts on our staff. Designers, developers, copywriters, content marketers, search marketers, social media specialists or PPC specialists will be assigned to us depending on your needs. To keep things simple, the Project Manager manages every plan and ensures that everyone is moving in the same direction.

What makes you qualified to work with dentists?

Since we did it before! Operating with dentists is not the same as operating with any other type of business. We also ensure that the information posted on dental websites is consistent with the recommendations for best practice of the General Dental Council. To do this, we use workers who have worked on dental sites in the past and have experience running SEO dental practice campaigns. We always work very closely with our clients and always get their permission before reaching them!

How will I know what you’re doing?

Speak to your Project Manager. You can get updates from your Project Manager every week by phone or email, depending on your preference. At the end of each month, we’ll also give you a plain English study.

How quickly can you get me new clients?

This depends on it. Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes months rather than days. Generally, we see progress of three months and significant gains of six months. We emphasize that SEO is a long-term strategy with long-term outcomes. If you need clients quickly, we’d suggest a PPC campaign as the SEO campaign goes on. PPC will get you new clients a lot faster. That being said, our PPC advertising will also become more effective over time as we can improve our targeting and messaging audiences.

Can I cancel a campaign at any time?

Yeah, yeah! We’re still sorry to see clients go, but we strongly believe that you shouldn’t be bound to long contracts. If you don’t see the results you planned, you’re free to cancel your campaign. We’re asking for a month’s notice so we can finish any work we’ve begun.