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Rank your website on major search engines that your potential customers are using to find businesses.
SEO is the process of optimizing your website and aligns it with specific keywords, so when a person searches for that word in Google, you show up in the top result.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation stands for the acronym SEO. SEO is the method of enhancing the quality of a website, so search engines such as Google are more accessible. For each of the major search engines, the practice is widespread, like Bing, Yandex, and Baidu. This process involves improving — or “optimizing “— the headings of a blog, copying text, images, page title, and meta description. It also optimizes connections to inside and outside web pages.

SEO enhancements to a page in previous years centered on cramming repeat keyword use into the text of the page and dramatically increasing backlinks to hundreds and thousands of websites.

We focus on putting the consumer first.

We construct authoritative content that provides the best possible answer to the questions that our clients pose.

We also ensure that content is easily accessible to both desktop and mobile users, helping to steer the design of the website toward a usability-first emphasis. This focus has the double advantage of making web pages easier to convert users, and quicker to load.

The results of well-practiced search engine optimization services will be a top of Google’s website ranking — and an improvement in organic traffic and leads or sales generated.

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What Are the Benefits of SEO?

SEO services benefit all businesses, no matter their size.

Entrepreneurs and startups that promote their brand-new business can benefit from SEO by focusing on creating great informative content about topics related to their business ideas.

This can be information content for new software startups, which includes some of the possible solutions to the most common dilemmas of their target audience.

Local businesses such as dentists, plumbers, lawyers, and accountants can use Local SEO to make their website more visible within Google.

By increasing their visibility, people will see their brand at the top of the search results in their coverage area — and ahead of their competitor’s websites.

Medium-sized enterprises and enterprise-level companies benefit from a combination of SEO and Content Marketing to enhance their brand visibility.

New or improved content makes it easier for potential clients to follow the brand’s sales funnel.

By leveraging SEO & Content Marketing to enhance visibility, customers can move from awareness to interest, to desire, and then to final action or purchase. Thus increasing lead generation or sales.

By using specialized eCommerce SEO, online shops and stores can improve the ranking of their website in Google and thus increase their organic traffic.

The eCommerce SEO works with additional complications presented by eCommerce Content Marketing Systems (CMSs) and with a more competitive online shopping vertical nature.

Every discipline and specialty within SEO — from Local to eComm – requires a deep level of expertise and experience per customer industry in which they are working. It’s also essential to be able to evolve and adapt to work in new and emerging enterprises.

All types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are expected to result in increased Google rankings.

Furthermore, it should increase organic traffic (which is less expensive than search ads), and result in more earned conversions.

With our expert focus on Conversion Rate Optimization, conversions also improve — the process of enhancing pages to convert a higher percentage of visitors.

More details about our industry-specific SEO services can be found below:

What Does Our SEO Service Include?

The optimization of a website inside Google’s search results requires a long-term strategy to improve its ranking.

This approach is soundly founded upon thorough research, followed by changes in page and content.

This also includes producing new material to fill any holes in the purchaser’s journey and establishing clear off-site ranking signals—such as topically appropriate backlinks from similar domains.

SEO Auditing

Keyword Research

Page Optimisation

Content Creation

Backlink Analysis

Technical SEO

Link Building

Analytics Set-up and Auditing

Competitor Research

What’s Involved in Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO requires the expertise of multiple consulting specialists. These specialists need the necessary experience to improve your website, so it ranks better in Google. They also need to make continual improvements as Google makes algorithm changes — and new website competitors enter the field.

Your SEO campaign will include an SEO Specialist and a Content Marketing Specialist. A dedicated Project Manager will lead your team and act as your voice within our agency. The Project manager is the lead strategist who will help you achieve your long-term traffic, lead, and sales goals.

1. Analysing Your Current SEO Campaign

We will test the website and the analytics system before we make any changes. We want to understand what works fine for the current ranking and earned traffic on your website. This way, every change will result in ranking and search visibility improvements when we start optimizing your website for Google. Once we understand what works well, all the elements that need to be improved will be optimized. We usually complete that research in a new SEO campaign’s first month. Yet website optimization is an ongoing process that starts in the first few months with improvements and then continuous testing and development over the years ahead.

2. Researching Your Website’s Industry

Your SEO expert will be looking into the rankings of your rivals and websites within your industry. They will be looking for opportunities to build on to improve your website and thus improve the ranking of websites and increase organic traffic.

This competitor analysis will include analyzing the SEO tactics of your rival, their content and the types of connections they are building — and how they are creating them.

Your competitors ‘ content and link-building strategies often indicate what works well inside SEO. For the years, several of the competitors may have been doing SEO upgrades and research. The details can help your website.

3. Drafting Your SEO Strategy

Every campaign on AD SEO Co. comes with a Project Manager who will be your point of contact and advocate for our agency. Your Project Manager will work together with your SEO Specialist and Content Marketing Specialist to develop a long-term SEO strategy for your website.

Based on their research, they will draw up a list of the best actions you can take to improve your website and hit your long-term goals of traffic, leads and revenue. These tasks will include optimizing the content of your website, creating new content, and improving SEO signals off-site — such as the quality of content that links to your website.

4. Creating Outstanding Content

Before they make a purchase their target audience will have many questions. Your SEO and Content Marketing Specialists will work together to make the content as relevant to each query as possible.

Your website is more likely to be highly valued by that audience by providing the best possible content for the various search queries your audience has. This value should lead to increased brand authority and improvements in confidence and ranking.

5. Continual SEO Improvements

SEO is never once-in – a-lifetime.

Every day, Google makes modifications to its algorithm, constantly changing the goal posts on what’s needed to rank content at the top of its searches. A website has to make continual changes to retain a consistent high rank in Search.

The devoted SEO Professional will work on improving the content continuously. These will also protect against any changes that may be made by Google — such as the devaluation of non-authored or expertly checked professional content.

Search engine traffic is amongst a website’s most valuable and hotly contested traffic. So it’s important to prevent future rankings of your rivals or outsider websites over your site.

How To Get Started

Interested in our SEO services? Request your free SEO review and we’ll start by giving you our first SEO recommendations.

1. Order Your Free SEO Review

Start by sending us a review of your website and our Digital Marketing Consultants will take a free video review of your website.

The video you receive will be unique to your business goals and to your website. Your analysis should test the usability of your website, and how well it is designed for SEO. It will also analyze how within your marketing mix you use your social media profiles. We’ll also consider how your paid ads do-if you run any.

All of our marketing improvements and SEO recommendations will be broken down into easy action points that you can implement yourself. If you do not wish to, you are not obliged to use our SEO services.

2. Get Your First SEO Plan

If you like your SEO review and want to start optimizing your website with our SEO team, let us know and we will send you a marketing plan. Your marketing plan will explain how we aim to increase the visibility of your website, increase traffic and give you more leads and sales.

3. Choose an SEO Strategy

If you choose to use our SEO tools, all our departments will work together to better evaluate your website. Then we can give you the best long-term SEO plan.

We are not assigning just one specialist in digital marketing. We will instead provide you with the combined skill set of an expert SEO specialist and a dedicated content marketer. Our SEO specialists have repeated successes and experience in optimizing websites to reach their goals for the campaign. Our content marketing specialist will either have the industry knowledge necessary for your business or will be able to learn and develop the best strategy for creating new content for your website — and promoting it through our proven content marketing strategies.

Your website’s SEO strategy will be tailored to your needs and focus on your specific business goals. If you can devote more time and money to optimizing your website at the start of your new SEO campaign, your goals may be easier and faster to complete. That will of course depend on your marketing budget.

4. Watch Your Ranking Improve and Traffic Increase!

SEO is not successful overnight. Every success is achieved by implementing long-term strategies which focus on longevity and not just “quick wins.”

On your behalf your Project Manager will manage your SEO campaign. They will focus on achieving your goals by reviewing and adjusting your SEO strategy continuously as we complete the work and achieve short-term goals.

When your rating performs better, so should your traffic. From that traffic you should simultaneously increase your leads, conversions and sales.

A Search Engine Optimisation Agency for SME Businesses

Since 2012, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the UK, Europe, and the US rank high on Google and boost their online sales.

We are proud of the level of experience and knowledge that we have gained through working with dozens of different industries since we first published our bestselling book, “How to get to Google’s top.” We are constantly improving our services so we can help companies achieve their annual goals.

Our SEO and marketing content teams will combine their in-depth experience to create a tailor-made SEO strategy for your client. We will build this strategy using methods that have been tried and tested to help businesses like yours right now.

Why We’re Not Your Typical SEO Agency

Our values focus on making our SEO and digital marketing services easy to understand and accessible to every business owner, regardless of whether they are just starting or expanding their business to reach the next level.

No Nerdy and Complex SEO Jargon

Our SEO department works on the tricky SEO jargon so you don’t have to. No mention of “Matrix keyword” and “Inversion connection” here. Just plain English vocabulary and phrases understood by everyone.

If you want to learn more about SEO or digital marketing in general, your Project Manager will always be at your disposal to answer all your questions and help your learning process as best as possible.

Let us focus on the complex audits and terminology so you can focus more on improving your business.

No Fixed-Term Contracts You Can’t Escape

We don’t believe in “trapping” businesses in year-long contracts you never seem to be able to escape from.

Rather, we focus on creating long-term plans with gradual quarterly objectives that will bring you step-by-step closer to your annual business objectives.

We use a repeating monthly invoicing system which means you will be free to consider your options after giving us just 30 days notice.

No Boring SEO Reports That Send You To Sleep

At the end of each month, several SEO companies will access automated reports, and contact them with little more than a token text.

At Exposure Ninja we’ve put the effort into creating a monthly report about your campaign that shows you what’s been accomplished, how it’s been done and how our work brings you closer to your annual business objectives.

And in Plain English, all of it. Our Reports do not include excessive jargon.

No Hidden Pricing or Unexpected “Management” Fees

Our monthly rolling contracts mean you’ll always know how much your monthly spending on SEO will be.

You won’t be suddenly asked to pay an extra fee for any additional keywords you need to register, or for any “hey, we’ve forgotten to mention” add-ons your campaign can’t “work without” (like some less trustworthy SEO agencies).

Any additional costs that may arise will be due to the research and strategies that your SEO specialist and campaign team perform during your SEO campaign, such as any necessary website design improvements, upgrades in loading time, and page enhancements could lead to increased conversion rates.

No SEO “Gurus"...

If you’re tired of “gurus” of digital marketing and “hackers” of growth promising the world and delivering very little for a lot of money then consider Exposure Ninja.

While we think of ourselves as “Ninjas” digital marketing, we are actually taking our name from the cat of our founder, Ninja. That, and we all grew up to find our Ninja mascot cartoon, called “Shinobi.”

Instead of deciding whether we want to be “gurus” or “hackers,” we focus instead on being brilliant SEO specialists who are constantly demonstrating how they can help small and medium-sized businesses achieve their ranking, traffic and conversion targets.

…Just Increased Ranking in Google and Traffic

Our SEO campaigns are getting results. With our SEO campaigns we consistently produce a good return on investment.

How are we doing? Our SEO strategies for all of our active clients are regularly tried, tested, and improved on a daily basis.

We use our historical and current SEO successes and experiences to consult with our clients and create the best possible SEO strategy to help them achieve their annual targets for ranking, traffic and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Be Working on My SEO Campaign?

The benefit of using the SEO service provided by Exposure Ninja is that you will have immediate access to experts in various digital marketing disciplines.

The SEO program will include three team members: one Project Manager, one SEO Expert and one Specialist in content marketing.

You’ll also have access to a variety of designers, developers, copywriters, social media specialists and PPC specialists, depending on your needs. You can bring such specialists into your campaign to suit your needs. Those additional experts will require additional services beyond consultation.

At Exposure Ninja your Project Manager will be your point of contact. They’ll talk to you regularly, both via email and phone calls. Such updates will cover ongoing and completed work and any potential opportunities (such as content publications) that may arise.

How Will I Know What You’re Doing?

Conversing with your Project Manager. Depending on your needs and what fits with your life, they will provide you with daily, weekly updates, call or e-mailing.

Within our department, your campaign team will be comprised of several marketing experts, each focused on an aspect of your SEO campaign. Instead of having to speak to each other and decide about what work needs to be done, the Project Manager will communicate with them on your behalf and we’re all going towards meeting the annual growth goals of the organization.

You will have unrestricted access to your Project Manager as long because your monthly campaign hours are not exceeded (communication is vital, but the results can only be obtained through completed work). They will work on your behalf, keeping the team moving every month, preparing their monthly reports and doing regular quarterly campaign checks (to see if we are on track or if we need to raise our targets as we have already achieved them for the year).

Every month you will also receive a report detailing the completed work and the status of the ranking, traffic and conversions on your website.

How Quickly Can You Increase My Leads/Sales?

Depends on that. The truth is that Search Engine Optimization will take several months to achieve improved rankings, increased traffic and conversion increases. How long Google spends browsing, analyzing and rating the website will depend on the exact time it takes. It also depends on how the search results between competitor domains are being fiercely contested. Often ranking changes are the most drastic when Google is upgrading massive algorithms, a few times a year.

In general, changes occur after three months of consecutive SEO work. Significant gains occur 6 to 12 months later.

While SEO is a long-term strategy, we emphasize that it provides the best return on investment, as organic traffic is usually the hottest lead for your company. This is because, unlike traffic from paid advertising, which is often cold traffic, these potential customers are closer to the end of the sale funnel. Pay-per-click ads, however, like Google Ads, can instantly bring high amounts of traffic to your website. You can use this traffic to quickly improve your sales, test new websites or test new business ideas.

Can I Cancel My SEO Campaign at Any Time?

You could. We are always sorry to see customers go. But we don’t think you should be locked into long contracts that require a lawyer or high exit-fee to leave.

If you do not see improvements in your ranking, traffic or leads towards your long-term goals, then you are free to cancel your SEO campaign.

What we ask for is a one month notice. This notice will allow us to complete any work that we have already started, such as page improvements and the building of links.