Local SEO

The components of a local SEO marketing campaign

There are core principles which guide every local SEO campaign. We include these in all our local SEO packages:

Keyword Research

It is important to first understand the searcher’s mindset and habits at the beginning of a local SEO campaign. We are researching keywords related to products or services that are searched in your local area. We will find the terms your target customers use for the search. We can help if you choose to expand your business to other locations. We can use keyword research to find the next most profitable location for you to start a branch. We can let you know how many people in this area are looking for related keywords and how competitive they are.

Website Optimisation

It is a high priority to optimize your website for the local area you’re targeting. Search engine algorithms and visitors to a human website need to know your location. The days are gone when local SEO meant to mention your town in every sentence. Our local SEO is focused on creating location pages for each area you serve and optimizing them. More fundamental optimisations such as speed, usability and mobile-friendliness are also addressed. Local searchers use mostly mobile. Ensuring that your website loads increase the conversions, user engagement and ranking as quickly as possible. We offer free speed optimized WordPress hosting in every SEO package to our WordPress customers.

Local Content Creation

Each web site needs an active blog or knowledge base to maximize ranking potential. Local businesses may struggle to identify topics and write blog posts that would make their customers interested. (Anyone would like to read “5 Reasons We Are The Best Dentist in London”? No?) Others are struggling to find the time to keep up with blogging when they have more urgent work to do. We get it – running a local business is a lot of work and typically writing blog content isn’t top of the list. Rather than adding to that workload we are on hand to help. We write content that increases local search traffic as part of your local SEO package. Whether it’s daily blog posts, FAQs or a knowledge base, our aim is exposure that is profitable.

Local Authority and Links

Much of our ongoing local business SEO will be raising the local authority of your website. We start by listing your business in local directories by creating local citations. Next in publications read by your target audience we secure local and national links. Let’s say you are a local dentist for example. We’re looking at family-reading local publications in your area. We identify the types of topics that might be of interest to those publications. Then we’ll feature you talking about these topics. What better way to build authority than to show up in read locations for your customers?


It’s important that you understand the work that we do. That’s why we made our reporting the most transparent in the business. We’re showing you the work we’ve done and the results we’ve achieved. We’re going to speak to you via the phone log to address some questions, if you like.

Forget the confusing jargon-filled reports from low-quality SEO companies. These things don’t make you any wiser about what they did for your money every month! We’re different from that.

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