Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization


  • Improve your websites existing caching capabilities
  • Asynchronous Loading of Javascripts
  • Enable SPDY technology for minimal latency
  • Optimizing image sizes
  • Setup a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Optimizing database tables
  • Load static files from CDN (CSS, JS, Images, Scripts, etc.)
  • Database Indexing
If you need hordes of individuals to visit your site, it is highly essential that you perform SEO correctly on your site ; but it’s simpler to say than done. Most sites have designs that are highly appealing and lovely, but lack velocity and lengthy charging times. As far as SEO is concerned, the content and backlinks are the most important things, but the technical aspects of SEO can not and should not be ignored. Search engines rank your site based on a multitude of points and the pace of the website is a major variable. Read on to find out why you need a quick and responsive website to get more clients on search engines!

Why is it so essential to have a quick and responsive site?

Well, the solution is very easy! Site velocity is not only accountable for the purchase of customers, but also plays a significant role in determining how high search engines rank a site. Moreover, it is common knowledge that no one is waiting for a location to be loaded for more than 3 seconds; why would they?
Most sites only take a second or two to load correctly at maximum, and since sites that take too long to load are highly awkward, individuals tend to disregard them completely and look for quicker comparable locations. Google’s the same thing. If a website takes too long to load, Google will position it below other comparable but quicker loading websites. Google is accountable for discovering the best locations that best fit our search description; therefore Google certainly does not follow the practice of putting sites that lag and take too long to load. A slow website harms your chances of placing your website on Google’s first two pages. Even if you have an incredible SEO approach, a slow website can drag down the rankings on your site. Unfortunately, the ranking of the site is not the only issue caused by a slow website. Even if someone stayed on your website for long enough to load, they’re probably never going to do company with you! This will be primarily owing to their bad website experience. While every element of SEO differs in significance, the fact that they are essential does not alter. If you don’t use SEO’s skills correctly, your rivals will definitely leave you behind. So how do you stop experiencing a condition like this? There are many practices that you can integrate, such as getting a quicker website to load, having someone remove the unnecessary code from your website, or simply finding a quicker server to host your website. While these may cost you additional cash, it will be worth it in the long run.