All of these email templates not only work with MailChimp but also with other popular email service providers. Email marketers will, therefore, find these premium tools handy for their campaigns.
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14 Best Mailchimp Email Templates Used By Top Email Marketers

Email marketing is the most efficient tool for B2B businesses. There is a huge possibility that the people who read this MailChimp email sample post are B2B marketing professionals. It doesn’t mean that the B2C model doesn’t use email marketing, but the conversion outcome is much higher on the B2B side. Here’s a quick fact, just 30 percent of the e-mail list customers bought goods via e-mail, while 86 percent of the business professional prefer e-mail contact to chat about and make a deal.

Nowadays, a lot of companies and service providers let users first create a free account and try to convert this later. The Easy SMTP post says that in the conversion process, welcome email alone gives 320 percent revenue to organizations.

So when you make your email models, try spending more time on the welcome email templates. MailChimp is one of the accessible and easy-to-use services for both developers and general users.

In this list, we’ve compiled some of the best MailChimp email templates that you can use in your email marketing campaigns or other transformation emails.

Because MailChimp itself provides you with its email building tool and email templates to kick-start your campaign right away, the modules you get there are minimal. MailChimp email templates in this list often come with their email builder tools, and some of them even send you a 300 + module to create your unique templates.

All of these email templates not only work with MailChimp but also with other popular email service providers. Email marketers will, therefore, find these premium tools handy for their campaigns.


Koble is one of the most thoughtfully designed professional mail chimp templates. Not only does this template have the elements and modules you need to make a proper email, but it also has an appropriate structure of code to support all primary email marketing tools and email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. That’s why emails will work flawlessly on all email platforms and email marketing tools. This template uses the StampReady builder to make customization easier. All you need to do is choose a template that matches your needs carefully and modify it with the elements you want. To beginners, the developer has made an explicit knowledge base, take a look at it and learn more about it. Speaking of the Knowledge Base, take a look at our Wiki Theme Collection to create a user-friendly knowledge base, just like the site of this template creator.


Multimail, by default, you can understand that this framework can create models for all forms of email marketing software and email service providers. Just like the Koble prototype, it also supports Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. This email template pack has 17 pre-made templates to make your job easier. Plus, this design uses the Email Builder tool to make customization easier. All you need to do is drag and drop the item or module you like. It’s also easier to add images and videos to this template. When you make a custom template, you can save it for the future and save your time. Ultimately, Multimail is one of the simplest to customize MailChimp email templates.


If you are looking for e-mail templates with minimal and clean design, this template will impress you. This email template is also created by the same creator of the Koble example listed above. You can, therefore, expect the same level of design and code consistency in this template as well. Along with regular email models, this kit also contains an email update template. If you are running an online service website or program, these email response templates will help you save time. You also get the StampReady email creator in this email template pack to help you customize templates quickly.


SimpleApp e-mail template is the perfect option for online service providers and event websites. Right from full-width layout to boxed layout, this template has four different layout options. Almost 40 + demos are included in this pack, and most of them are created for announcement and notification purposes.
Along with the necessary modules and elements, this template also gives the Material Design Icons a luxurious look to your emails. Like most other MailChimp email templates in this list, this one also uses the StampReady email builder to allow you to customize email templates easily. Since it uses the StampReady builder, you can also preview the mobile version of your email before sending it to your customers or audiences.


Rocket is also a multi-purpose email template. Out of the box, eight pre-made templates make this template unique from other MailChimp email templates, because it has its composer tool. You can use the Composer Module tool to create an email with the modules you want. Later, you can export the design to your email marketing tool. At the time of writing, this template only supports StampReady, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor; this may be a deal-breaker for other users of email marketing tools. But if you use one of the email marketing tools supported by this template, you can work efficiently and save a lot of your time.


NOVA is a multipurpose collection of email templates. The creator of Nova has provided you with email templates for the most common purpose of saving your time. Plus, you get a Stampready drag and drop builder with this template. All you need to do is choose a template that matches your needs carefully and start editing the drag-and-drop editor. Since these are StampReady-based email templates, all primary email marketing tools will support these email templates. All email templates are responsive and optimized for all major browsers.


Notoni gives you four pre-made email templates for general purpose work. You get a lot of colorful vector diagrams and characters in the default design. If you’re looking for a modern e-mail template that attracts users of the current generation, this e-mail template might help. Just like the previous email template, this one also has a Stamp Ready drag-and-drop email builder. So adding the elements you want and linking to the features and pages you want won’t be a tough job. The creator has provided you with support files for MailChimp and Campaign Monitor to help you quickly get started with this email template.


Igodo is a user-friendly and well-documented email template for the Mailchimp, Stampready, and Program monitors. This design is based on an email building model, just like the page builders you’ve seen in a lot of WordPress themes. All essential elements are given as modules; you can simply drag and drop the modules to build your email template. The Igodo prototype gives you 400 + pre-made modules for you. With its simple-to-use WYSIWYG editor, you can create your prototype in no time.

You can download the prototype and add it to your e-mail program. If you are new to this e-mail building method, the developers of this framework have created a video tutorial to make it easy for you to start. By design, you are building a sensitive email template with this email builder, so you don’t need to worry about making it mobile-friendly.

Mars Email

Mars Email is a brand new entry in the market for email templates. Since this is a new entry, you can expect more modern design and user-friendly features. It’s a well-tested, well-optimized email design-builder for professionals. All models in this kit are checked with Email on Acid. For those who don’t know about email on Acid, this is a tool that developers used to verify email compatibility across all popular email clients and applications.

The templates in the Mars Email kit are tailored for Gmail and Outlook. As a result, you get a smooth output across all platforms, and all of your interactive features are shown without error. In the editor itself, you have the option of previewing your email on mobile devices so that you can quickly change it.


As the holiday season begins, both tech giants are busy launching their apps, and eCommerce outlets are providing exclusive deals to their customers. If you are the owner of an online store, Deluxe is the best option for you. With a minimal design, this kit has a lot of pre-designed email templates. Even if you want to add your elements to these templates, you can do this easily using the drag-and-drop module builder specified in this package. Both pre-made templates follow a minimal design so that your content can be easily read, and the colorful images look more vibrant.


The Hixel email concept is planned for digital businesses and innovative new start-ups. The designer of this template followed the trendy design that most young entrepreneurs would like. All promotional emails and action emails are included in this template. MailChimp gives you the option of automating an email process based on the trigger function. For all essential services such as newsletter, new login, and password reset, email templates are included. It’s always better to make the e-mail transfer short and sweet, with the right connections. The email templates in the Hixel package are accurate and straightforward in terms of content. These premium templates not only support MailChimp but also help other services such as Stamp Ready and Campaign Monitor.


Minilam is a multipurpose email template with designs for all famous categories and events. This template has proper documentation, and how to make videos, if you’re a beginner, these materials will help you get started quickly. Like all other email templates in this list, this one also includes a drag-and-drop builder. MailChimp email templates allow you to easily upload your custom template, create your custom template with this builder, and upload it to the MailChimp email editor for further optimization. Since this template is designed for multipurpose use, it has a lot of images in its templates. If you expect a better click-through rate, try using the photos only in the required spaces. As most modern users open emails on their mobile devices, too many images will be clouded on their mobile screens.


Travelkar, as the name implies, this template is designed for the travel agencies. Travel agencies and restaurants have an exception from the use of images in their emails. It is through the photos you can give the feel of the place and foods to the users. As vacations are coming nearby, it is the best time to start your email campaign because the open email rates during the holiday seasons will be reduced up to 20%, so make your move yours as soon as possible. To speed up your process, you can use the Travelkar template. All the templates are appropriately optimized for all primary email providing services and top email marketing tools like Mailster, Campaign monitor, and Stamp ready.

With that said, many thanks to the guys at uicookies for sharing this! 

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